E104 Sound Transfer / Helpdesk supports a variety of audio and video formats, both analog and digital, for transfer or digital conversion.

Audio files may be created from CD, MiniDisc, DAT, Cassette, 33/45 rpm phonographic records, 16/35mm magnetic film, and 1/4” tape (Nagra, 1/2 track, and 1/4 track) for use in Pro Tools, or other digital audio workstations. Video may be captured from Laser Disc, Digital BetaCam, DVCAM, VHS, Hi8, and HDV tapes. Transfers can make use of a Teranex which can convert frame rates and video dimensions on the fly, for ease of editing.

Although all of these media formats are currently available in E104 Sound Transfer / Helpdesk, they are not guaranteed. These decks are no longer manufactured and servicing them may no longer be possible.

Media for transfer may be delivered to E104 Sound Transfer / Helpdesk Room during Helpdesk hours. A Transfer Request Form must be filled out before a Sound Student Technician can begin the transfer. Be as specific as possible about source and destination transfer formats in order to ensure proper conversion for synchronization or other project- specific needs. When transferring between formats, be sure to bring blank media along with the master material. Label everything clearly. Depending on the time of year, transfers can take between 2-3 workdays. The fee for transfers is $6/hour with a $2 minimum. Transferred files can be delivered to a hard / thumb drive or to your FVCentral Depositbox after payment is made.

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