Shooting on/near Streets and Roadways

  • Shooting on any public street, thoroughfare, road, highway or freeway, or near enough to any such roadway so as to present a “distraction and/or disturbance” is prohibited by local, State and/or Federal law without the proper permits and safety procedures.
  • Filmmakers are never empowered to control or direct traffic in any way.
  • The law prohibits controlling or limiting the natural flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on a public thoroughfare by anyone other than authorized personnel. The practice of having a Production Assistant or an AD control traffic for a shot is unsafe and illegal. Budget for adequate police assistance if necessary.

The article below illustrates the hazards of ignoring this policy.


By Margo McCall Staff Writer
Antelope Valley Press 

LITTLEROCK – A Los Angeles film student was struck by a dump truck Monday afternoon after venturing onto Palmdale Boulevard to stop traffic to allow filming.

Jonathan Rosen, 27, was reported in critical condition at Antelope Valley Hospital Medical Center with a broken leg, pelvis and foot and internal injuries, a hospital spokeswoman said Monday night.

California Highway Patrol officer Charles Gilliard said the group from Los Angeles based American Film Institute did not have a permit to film.

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