Standard Naming Convention

The CalArts standard naming convention is: LastFM_MyMovieTitle_YYYYMMDD

  • Start with your capitalized last name, the capital first letter of your first name, then the capital first letter of your middle name. For example, if your name is Steven Paul Jobs: JobsSP
  • Next, to add a project name or title, use an underscore, followed by an abbreviated project name without spaces. Capitalize each word of the project name or title. For example, if your project name is My Movie: JobsSP_MyMovie
  • Then, to add a date, use an underscore, followed by the year, month, and day without spaces. For example, if the date is April 1, 1976: JobsSP_MyMovie_19760401
  • Supplemental information can be added after the date, such as version, audio, frame rate, or codec information. For example, if your file is version 2, with LtRt audio, at 24fps, and ProRes HQ codec: JobsSP_MyMovie_19760401_v02_LtRt_24p_PRHQ
  • Individual classes, events or programs may require a different naming convention. Always check submission guidelines when submitting work.
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