Fire and Open Flames on Set

  • The use of fire—that is any open flame—constitutes a particularly hazardous situation on any film set. Extreme care must be taken to avoid endangering yourself and/or your cast and crew when candles, fireplaces, campfires, cigarette lighters and the like are used.
  • If you are shooting on a local location (LA County or City), the Film Permit Office may require the presence of a professional Fire Safety Officer (in fact, probably will) if an open flame is used. If you are filming in a “High Fire Hazard” area you will not be allowed to use an open flame.
  • Designate a responsible person for the handling, placement, safe use and daily securing of any open flame devices. Firmly secure all stationary, open-flame fixtures.
  • Keep flammables and combustibles a safe distance from open flames. Additionally, where required, keep such materials in approved and properly labeled containers.
  • All gas lines in connection with the use of open flames must be approved in accordance with applicable building and fire codes. When using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), hoses and fittings must be of a type approved for LPG service.
  • Notify all cast and crew, including stunt performers, reasonably in advance of their involvement with open flames.
  • When fire is used, fire extinguishment equipment must be in close proximity and properly trained personnel should stand by.
  • Whether in a studio or on location, contact appropriate fire authorities prior to the use of open flames.
  • The person responsible for igniting the flame should ensure he or she maintains a clear line of sight of the flame or maintains direct communication with a designated observer.
  • Make sure that an adequate number of proper fire extinguishers are at hand.
  • Test the extinguishers before igniting any open flame to ensure that they are in working condition.
  • Be careful with loose clothing around open flame. Untreated fabric can ignite quickly and cause severe injury.
  • Consider that the illusion of fire can be created with a lighting effect.
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