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In Film Production Safety Always Comes First

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The excitement of making a film can sometimes tempt a filmmaker to take chances and put the crew, the cast, or themselves at risk. Working against the clock can encourage people to work carelessly. Students must ALWAYS resist this temptation. No shot is worth risking injury or death. Professional filmmakers go to great lengths to make sure their films are made without injury to anyone on the film. While the school encourages and expects you to take artistic risks, it is also dedicated to the conviction that artistic expression demands that we treat our community and resources as an interdependent whole and care for them accordingly. It is our ethical and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of this community and its resources by providing and implementing the safety requirements outlined here.

  • All students are required to adhere to all safety and risk management policies of the School of Film/Video and the Institute. Violation of these policies requires action as outlined in the Institute‚Äôs Disciplinary Code. Consequences may include warnings, suspension or removal of privileges and/or access, academic recourse, or, in extreme cases, expulsion from the Institute.
  • Safety does not occur by chance. It is your responsibility to learn, promote and maintain safe production practices so that any risks are limited only to the aesthetic, conceptual and expressive aspects of your work.
  • Safety is the responsibility of every person on the set. If there is an safety concern, the work must stop and a safe solution must be found before work continues.
  • Safety meetings must be conducted on set each and every day when there is any type of safety concern that occurs within a production. These meetings should occur before shooting takes place.
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