Logos, Brand Names, and Trademarks

When distinctive personal property that is identifiable with any person or entity (a logo like the Nike “swoosh” or a brand name) is filmed in a scene, you may need consent in writing to use such property.

Most importantly, you may not photograph any trademark or logo that presents a company or entity represented, or its product, in a detrimental or defamatory way. To do so would expose you to a lawsuit for slander and/or libel.

If the property is non-distinctive background, you most likely do not need permission to film it.

For example, if you are filming an exterior street scene and the McDonald’s arches can be seen indistinctly in the background, but no reference (either direct or implied) is made to that company, then you do not need their permission.

Sources of cleared printed material (labels, posters, signs, etc.) are:

Earl Hays Press

(818) 765 -0700

SGI Studio Graphics

(818) 951-5615

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