Bijou Festival Submissions Now Open

Bijou Fest is the School of Film/Video’s end-of-year film festival that screens any and all work submitted, made by Film/Video students during the 2020/21 and 2019/20 school year! For the entire week leading up to graduation (May 10-14) we will have an online stream of fantastic, wonderful, strange films, class screenings, and performances. This year’s Bijou Fest is programmed & organized by faculty advisor Ryan Betschart and a team of students from his Navigating Film Festivals course. Give us your work!

Submit Your Film Here!

Submissions close May 3rd, 2021 at 12:00pm PDT

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Lineups will be revealed the first week of May/The week before Bijou Fest — follow —

Approaching the Near Distance: Community, Resistance & Making

School of Film/Video Wintersession Virtual Conference

January 11-22, 2021

Poster design by Ray Chang

Panel Discussion: Animation as Queer Practice

Tuesday January 12, 12:30pm (Pacific Time)

Join via Zoom

with Lily Husbands (Lecturer in Animation & Visual Culture, Middlesex University, UK), Steve Reinke (Associate Professor of Art, Theory & Practice, Northwestern University), Jordan Wong (Special Faculty, CalArts), and Lorelei Pepi (Assistant Professor of Animation, Emily Carr University). Moderated by Alexander Stewart, Co-Director Experimental Animation.

Keynote Speaker: Reece Auguiste

Tuesday January 19, 7:30pm (Pacific Time)

Join via Zoom

Auguiste is a founding member of the Black Audio Film Collective (UK) and currently CU Boulder Critical Practices Media Faculty. Auguiste’s talk for Wintersession will address the interpretive complexities of a media archive and the use of archival materials in documentary moving image art. He will also speak about the currency of documentary co-creation, and his experience working within Black Audio Film Collective (UK, 1982-98), a group of young, mostly immigrant filmmakers who challenged existing cinematic forms of expression to comment on contemporary social emergencies. In a recent (Sept, 2020) open online discussion group on Unsettling Documentary, Auguiste commented on the urgent need to consider new pedagogical models, and he will bring this concern to his Approaching the Near Distance talk as well:  “The coronavirus is unsettling, and it has unsettled all of us including our institutional affiliations…Our job, I think, is to not only develop new pedagogical models in the context of Covid-19 but to encourage our students to explore new epistemic territory, to develop their own models of creative practice and central to this transformation is co-creative practices…It’s going to be a slow burn—Covid-19 has lit the fuse of this decolonial project.”

This event is sponsored by the Nick England Intercultural Arts Project

Panel Discussion: Art By Mail 

Thursday January 21, 7:30pm (Pacific Time)

Join via Zoom

with April Sheridan (Special Collections Manager, Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, SAIC), Pablo de Ocampo (Independent Publishing Resource Center—Portland, curator at Western Front—Vancouver),and Austin English (publisher of Domino Books, comics artist). Moderated by Alexander Stewart, Co-Director Experimental Animation.

Announcing the 2 Pop Forum!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2 Pop Forum. The forum is a place for peer-to-peer support and is open to all CalArts students, faculty, and staff. Users can post questions about software applications, cameras, production sound, and much more. Users can also answer questions on the forum.

To create an account just visit the forum at and log in using Google login. Please note that you must sign in with your or email address.

Responses on the forum from the technical staff are not guaranteed, so students seeking support directly from technical staff should continue to submit support tickets via 2 Pop.

Our forum is powered by Discourse forum software and you can find the “Discourse New User Guide” here:

Users should comport themselves with the same manner of professionalism and respect that is expected of all CalArtians. Inappropriate or disrespectful posting is prohibited and users may be sanctioned by the university for such conduct.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the forum, please post those suggestions in the “Site Feedback” category on the forum or submit a support ticket via 2 Pop.

– Film/Video Technical Staff