Recording Sessions

A112 Recording Studio can be scheduled for recording: ADR (automated dialogue replacement), voice-overs, dialogue, music scoring, Foley, sound effects, etc. Recording session requests may be placed with Sound Student Technicians in E104 Sound Transfer / Helpdesk during Helpdesk hours. A session request form must be filled out in its entirety before any session may be scheduled.

It is important to include three unique potential session dates and times so that the request may be coordinated with the availability of the studio and the recording engineer(s), as well as your actor(s). Please submit session requests at least a week before your first requested recording date to allow for scheduling. Whenever possible, recording sessions are scheduled together into blocks of time to make efficient use of limited facilities. During the end of the spring semester, studio time is in especially high demand and it is not always possible to secure your requested times.

The fee for recording sessions is $15/hour, including setup and tear down time. Be as clear as possible in the session request form about the nature of the recording session in order to make efficient use of recording studio time. For more elaborate music recording sessions, two recordists may be necessary. For Foley sessions, the recording studio supplies a limited number of props. More specific Foley props must be brought to the session. The Student Engineer is not your Foley artist and should not be expected to perform your Foley for you. After a Foley session, you are responsible for any clean up that may be necessary.

After the session, your engineer will give you a charge sheet which you must then take to the Accounting Office to pay for the session, then bring the yellow receipt to E104 Sound Transfer / Helpdesk during Helpdesk hours to get your files. Recordings may be delivered to your hard / thumb drive or to your FVCentral Depositbox. For evening or weekend sessions, files will not be delivered until payment can be made at the Accounting Office during normal business hours.

You must reply-all to the confirmation email if you are running late. If you show up less than 30 minutes late, you will be charged for time from the scheduled start time of the recording session reservation. If you are more than 30 minutes late to a recording session, you forfeit your recording session and will be billed for the whole session.

If you have to cancel a recording session after it has been confirmed, reply-all to the confirmation email you received so that the recording engineer and FVSound are aware at least 24 hours before your scheduled time. If you don’t show up for your recording session without canceling at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for the recording session.


  • Request session time carefully. Be sure that all of your actors are available before requesting time.
  • Have a prepared script. Improvisation can be good, but your script should be completed ahead of time and neatly typed so that your actors can easily read it. You should bring enough copies so that everyone, including the engineer, can have their own.
  • Have prepared actors. Choose them well in advance. Make sure they can be at the session when you need them. Bring bottled water for them. No other beverages or foods are allowed in the studio.
  • Rehearse your actors before your session. Remember that you are paying for
    your studio time. It is certainly okay to record multiple takes and variations on performances, but it is best to work out voices and performances beforehand. This will minimize tired voices, creative disagreements, looming time deadlines, and general frustration.
  • With a little organization and preparation, your session will go quickly, painlessly, and you’ll get recordings and performances of professional quality
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