Princess Grace Film Grants

All Programs Eligible

CalArts School of Film/Video has been invited to nominate one BFA and one MFA student for the Princess Grace Film Grants (all genres of film / media art including installation and new forms are considered). The Princess Grace Foundation is a national program dedicated to identifying and assisting emerging young artists. All candidates submitted to the Princess Grace Foundation must be nominated by the School of Film/Video. Applications for nomination open in the Spring term.

Applicants must meet the following requirements.

  • BFA3 or MFA2 in the School of Film/Video.
  • United States citizen or have permanent resident status.
  • Funding is for senior or MFA thesis film or video project.
  • Have completed one film or video.

Faculty committees within each program will review their respective program’s students’ submissions and submit nominees to the Dean. The Dean will then review these nominees and select the finalists, one BFA and one MFA student for the Princess Grace Film Grants. The final CalArts nominees will need to submit an application directly to the Princess Grace Foundation, under the guidance of the School.

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