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A404 Black & White Studio

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Please note: Due to COVID-19 safety measures these areas may be arranged differently than pictured or described.

In this 1600 sq. ft. multi-use production and installation space, roughly half the space is painted black, and diagonally in the center is a white L-shaped cyclorama wall. The room includes a rolling step-ladder and truss to hang lights and installation equipment. Adjacent to the main space are two rooms — 150 sq/ft and 450 sq/ft respectively. These rooms are also multi-use, but the larger one is generally used as storage. There are lights, a lighting truss, and various pedestals for installations.


Equipment List


(1) Hand Cranked Combo Stand
(1) Stirrup Hanger
(5) C-Stand
(6) Gel Holder
(5) Twist Stinger
(3) Twist Extensions [black]
(5) 25 ft. Edison Stinger
(1) 50 ft. Edison Stinger
(4) Power Strip
(6) Grip Clip
(1) Scrim Box
(10) Sandbag
(18) Safety Cable
(1) 4×4 Floppy Flag
(3) Medium Flag
(3) Single Net
(3) Double Net
(3) Silk
(1) Solid Cookie
(1) Mesh Cookie
(2) Tan Apple Box Set [(2) full, (2) half, (2) quarter, (2) pancake]
(11) Black Apple Box [various sizes] Assorted Gels and Diffusion


(5) Cyc Lights
(3) 2K Fresnel


(1) 2K Fresnel
(1) 2K Softbox
(1) Baby 2K Softlite
(1) Colortran Broad 500W
(1) Rolling Light Stand [without a light]

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