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Film shoots on Campus

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To work in Film/Video spaces, reserve through either Edgar Jorge or Kye Potter using the Production Installation Reservation Form.

To shoot in other campus areas, fill out an event checklist and collect the corresponding signatures (see below). The signed event checklist should be delivered to the Mailroom at least 48 hours prior to filming. The Mailroom won’t accept an event checklist for filming that doesn’t have Justin’s signature. The Mailroom keeps the master calendar and as CalArts gets more busy in the spring, these procedures are necessary to make sure projects are not doubling up in spaces or areas, including exteriors. 

The event checklist is available on, in the Film/Video office, in the Mailroom or by emailing Justin Hogan (

School-Specific Spaces

Signatures needed from School and Justin Hogan in F/V’s Production Services. Deliver to Mailroom staff for final approval.

Hallways, Exteriors and/or Spaces managed by the Institute (not a specific School)

Signature needed from Justin Hogan in Production Services. Deliver to Mailroom for schedule, Facilities signature and final approval.

Dorms, Pool or Pool Area

Signatures needed from Justin Hogan in Production Services and Residence Life office. (Additional form must be filed with Res Life.) Deliver to Mailroom staff for final approval.

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