Installation Equipment

Installation equipment is available for check-out in C105D (near the C113 Installation Space). This equipment supports projects involving video, audio, performance, and other types of non- theatrical work in the School of Film/Video. The Technical Specialists in Production and Installation ( can help you the determine what your equipment needs are and how to best prep for your install.


An appointment during business hours (Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm) must be set to pick up and return any installation equipment. Contact the Technical Specialist to set up a time.

Installation Equipment Reservations

Students should use the FV Production/Installation Reservation Form for any space or installation equipment requests. You will receive an email confirming the availability for your planned dates.

Check Out

An invoice will be given to you with the installation equipment listed. It is your responsibility to confirm that the information is correct on the invoice, and that the condition of the installation equipment is in proper working order before accepting responsibility by signing the invoice. If you find something wrong with the installation equipment before signing the invoice, let the Technical Specialist know as to not be held responsible. You are responsible for any damage to the installation equipment not reported at the moment of check-out.

Check In

You must be the person to return installation equipment. If you are unable to return installation equipment, contact the Technical Specialist and communicate who will return the installation equipment in your place. Never leave or drop off anything outside the Video Studio or the C105A office. Installation equipment must be returned during open hours and handed directly to a Technical Specialist.

Your installation equipment is due before 5:00 pm on the last day of your reservation. You must contact the Technical Specialist to set up a time for check-in.

Late Fees

Any student who fails to return installation equipment by the due time will be charged a late fee of $50, starting at noon. Each day thereafter will be an additional $50 late fee charge (i.e. two days late is a $100 fee).

Fisher Dolly

We have two Fisher dollies on campus during the school year. One in BB3 for use there, and one in C115c for use in the main building. A one-time $60 deposit to use the Production and Installation facilities is required to check out the dolly. Deposits will be returned after graduation or during a leave of absence. Loss of deposit may occur from damage or mishandling of the equipment, in which case a new deposit will be required to use the dolly and/or a production space.

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