Personal Studios

The School of Film/Video manages several small, shared studio spaces in the sublevel. They are reserved for MFA students in Program in Film and Video, Experimental Animation, and Film Directing Program to be used as workspaces. The priority of studio assignments is based on year level and demand.

A $50 studio deposit (pay to account DFVDL) and a $15 key deposit (pay to account NKEY) are required for a studio assignment. The studio deposit is held until you graduate or no longer want a studio and the space is inspected. Photographs of the condition upon assignment of each studio space are on file at the Equipment Cage. You agree to report any pre-existing damages or problems with the studio to the Equipment Cage upon move in. If the room is left in poor condition you will lose your deposit to cover repair and cleaning fees. Deposits will be returned through the Accounting Office.

Please note that studios are not private spaces. Equipment Cage staff have keys to the studios and make routine inspections.

Equipment Cage carts cannot be left in studios and, if found, they will be removed with any equipment on them by the Equipment Cage staff. Do not leave any School of Film/Video equipment in shared studios. If you need to store equipment overnight, talk to the Equipment Cage about secure storage options.

All studios must be returned to the same (or better) condition in which they were found. Any damages caused by you will either be taken from your deposit, or billed to you separately. In general, the walls should be white or gray and the floors should be clean.

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