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Once your sound mix and final picture are finished, you are ready for a layback. The layback is the final step in the post-production process wherein the final sound mix is married with final picture.

You need to deliver your final color-corrected video output without audio to E104 Sound Transfer / Helpdesk. Your video should be a master final export with titles, standard head leader, color correction, and must be silent. Either drop off your file in person to E104 Sound Transfer / Helpdesk Room during Helpdesk hours or upload your file to the Submissions > Laybacks folder on FVCentral.

Once the layback process is completed, FVSound will provide you with a folder containing all the necessary files for: file-based exhibition (5.1), internet streaming (Internet Only), DVD / Blu-ray (5.1), and a FCPX library from which to create your own custom output files.

There is no fee for laybacks, but you cannot pick up your layback until you have paid for your sound mix.

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