CalArts Insurance and Workers Compensation

How CalArts Insurance Works

The Institute has four types of insurance coverage (rental property, general liability, auto and workers compensation). If a student is shooting on campus, insurance may not be necessary depending on the parameter of your project. Please check with Production Services. All equipment checked out from the FV Equipment Cage is also already insured.

How to Acquire CalArts Insurance Coverage

Fill out the insurance coverage request form attached and also available from the School of Film/ Video office, from 2pop online, the Head of Production Services or from the Facilities Management office.

  • Name, address, phone number, e-mail & fax number. Complete address, phone number, email address and fax number.
  • Replacement dollar amount. The replacement dollar amount of the equipment you are renting is a figure given to you by the rental agency and this amount must appear on the insurance certificate. A general description of the items (camera, lenses, grip equipment, etc.) is all that is required. Keep in mind that the total replacement value you are allowed at any one time is $1,000,000. As stated, there is a $2,500 deductible, per occurrence, on this coverage.
  • Time period of equipment rental / location site. Give the actual dates of the beginning and end of your rental period. If the rental agency is closed on Sundays and you are returning the item on Monday, show that date. If there is a change in dates, the entire process must be done again.
  • Once you have completed this form, please bring or send to Production Services for final signature (, Office E204c). 

Students granted delayed graduation with access status allows renters insurance only for the semester immediately following the normal graduation date.

General Liability Insurance for FV Equipment Rental and/or Location Shooting

  • General Liability Insurance is available in the amount of $1,000,000 and also may be required by some companies, when renting film/video equipment.
  • This type of insurance is also frequently requested by the owner of a location site (i.e. a private residence, commercial establishment, etc.).
  • The owner / rental agency will request General Liability Insurance naming them as additionally insured.
  • This represents additional liability exposure over and above that referenced above and, in effect, directs that in the event of a claim CalArts (and you), not the site or rental agency, will be held responsible for the property or injury.
  • If the property owner or the rental agency asks to be named as additionally insured, extra paperwork is involved and it is important that all details (rental dates, etc.) are firm before beginning this process.

Details of your rental/filming request are given to our insurance broker who then issues the “Insurance Certificate” and sends it to Production Services and you. It is your responsibility to send it to the vendor and/or location. It is important to always check with the rental agency or vendor that they have received the insurance certificate.

Automobile Coverage

CalArts does provide automobile insurance but you must see Production Services for access. A DMV record and copy of driver’s license is necessary. The approval for auto insurance may take a couple of days, so do not wait until the last minute!

Before and After Photos

It is always a good idea to take before and after photographs of locations—one set before you start shooting and another after you have finished. These will be helpful if the owner complains that your filming activities somehow damaged the property.


Students are responsible for the full value of property when coverage is excluded for any reason by the current property policy. The following activities are excluded. If you plan to engage in any of these activities, you must purchase additional insurance. Acquiring your own insurance does not mean that you have permission to engage in any of these activities; they will also require approval from your instructor / mentor and the Head of Production Services.

  • Stunts or Special Effects
  • No open fires, fireworks, smoking, or pyrotechnics.
  • No farm or construction machinery, watercraft, snowmobiles, aircraft, etc.
  • No activity with motorized two-wheeled, three-wheeled or off-road vehicles.
  • No activity shall involve real firearms (modified or not), alcohol or illegal substances.
  • No activity shall consist of throwing or dropping anything from an aircraft or vehicle.
  • Bungee jumping, skydiving, or rock climbing.
  • Live animals.
  • Activities on water or in the air.
  • The hotel or living quarters of cast and crew while on location.
  • Films requiring Workers’ Compensation coverage. 
  • Students who incorporate or form limited partnerships.
  • Circus and Carnivals, Mechanical Amusement Devices, Motorized Sporting Events, Tractor / Truck
  • Boxing, Wrestling, Hockey and Contact Karate Events, Rodeos and Roping Event, Balloon Events, Professional Sporting Activities, Rap / Heavy Metal Concerts, and Overnight Camping.

If You Need Additional Coverage

If you need additional insurance coverage, you may be able to purchase it from CalArts insurance broker. Get a referral from the Head of Production Services or from the Facilities Management Office. Or, the following insurance agents can provide you with a quote:

Truman VanDyke

(323) 883-0012 

DeWitt Stern

(818) 623-5400


(310) 207-5432

If There Is A Claim

In the event of a loss, you must contact the Head of Production Services (ext. 2633) and Facilities Management at (661) 222-2754 within 24-hours of the loss. You must fill out a loss report as soon after the loss as possible. Delays in reporting losses may result in the coverage being denied. Do not discuss who may be at fault. If the loss is the result of a theft, you must file a police report in the jurisdiction where the theft occurred.

Information required for submitting a claim:

  • Time, place and specific nature of loss
  • Cause or likely cause
  • Description of the property involved
  • Name and address of each person known to be a witness
  • Name and address of each person that may have sustained a loss or damage (bodily injury)
  • For property damage, separate damaged from undamaged property and make an inventory of damaged or lost property

Workers Compensation Insurance

If you plan on using SAG actors or minors for your production, you are required to have Workers Compensation Insurance. CalArts insurance does provide Workers Compensation Insurance. Please see Production Services. 

Rental Property Insurance for FV Equipment

  • Equipment Rental Insurance is available up to a replacement value of $1,000,000 per occurrence (damage or loss to equipment).
  • Prop, Set and Wardrobe Rental Insurance is available up to a replacement value of $250,000 per occurrence (damage or loss to prop, set, or wardrobe).
  • Third Party Property Insurance (loss, damage to, or destruction of property of others) is available up to a replacement value of $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  • There is a deductible for these coverages of $2,500 per occurrence (i.e. loss of camera, wardrobe destroyed, rental house damaged, etc.) that you are responsible for (the insurance does not kick in until after $2,500 is paid by you).
  • You are also responsible for any amount over the individual limits stated above (if a property is destroyed and valued at 1.1 million, you would be responsible for $100,000).
  • Often, the rental company will request that they are to be named as a “Loss Payee” on the certificate. This coverage is referred to as “Loss Payee” coverage by the vendor.
  • To summarize: You are responsible for any damage up to $2,500 per occurrence and the replacement amount in excess of the above stated limits.

Details of your rental are given to our insurance broker who then issues the “Insurance Certificate” to the Facilities Office, Production Services and you. It is the student’s responsibility to send the certificate to the vendor and/or location.  

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