Film Festival / Contests / Distribution Information

Film Festivals

Besides your screenings at CalArts, film festivals will be your greatest opportunity to showcase your work.

There are over 10,000 film festivals worldwide and navigating them can be difficult. Most film festivals charge an entry fee and that can get very expensive, very quick.

You should do careful, focused research into the festivals that are right for you.

For information on upcoming film festivals and their application deadlines, there are many websites with festival listings such as (a clearinghouse that lists any festival that pay to be listed).

Check out the online bulletin board and the physical bulletin board by the Equipment Cage for posters and advertisements from festivals. Also, check your emails regularly as sometimes faculty or staff will let you know about an upcoming film festival.


For all contest information, please check the online bulletin board and check your email for CalArts contests as well.


CalArts is in the process of working with interesting companies to continue to help students have a further life with their work. If you are interested in further distribution of your project beyond CalArts and film festivals, please schedule a time with Production Services for a consultation.

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