CalArts Flaherty Seminar Scholarships

All Programs Eligible

CalArts offers an opportunity for 2 students to attend the Flaherty Seminar, a 1 week documentary film seminar at Colgate University that occurs yearly in June. The School of Film/Video will cover travel expenses up to $600 each for two students from Los Angeles to the Flaherty as well as Seminar fees. Students will be required to contribute a registration fee and will be expected to pay any additional travel or other voluntary expenses not directly part of the Seminar.

Students from all four Film/Video programs, BFAs and MFAs, who will have been enrolled for a minimum of one year are eligible to apply. Applicants must be seriously interested
in the study of non-fiction cinema, and must be reliable and academically productive. Students who have previously been selected for certain CalArts fellowships or scholarships are not eligible. Applications open in the Spring term.

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