Post-Production Wrap Book

Although not all of these will apply, students should try and have a completed wrap book at the end of post-production.

  • Final Screenplay
  • Director’s Prep
  • Storyboards
  • Lined Script
  • Set Diagrams
  • Shot List
  • Casting Breakdown
  • Headshot, resume and casting input form for each actor auditioned and/or used in the film
  • Scene Breakdown
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Call Sheets
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Camera Reports
  • Sound Reports
  • Editors Logs
  • Credits list
  • Copies of all release forms including the following:
    • Actors – one release for each actor appearing in the film
    • Locations – one release for each location appearing in the film
    • Original Music – one release for each piece of music used in the film from the composer
    • Musicians-one release for each musician who performed during recording of film music.
    • Pre-recorded Music – one sync license and Master Use license for each piece of prerecorded music used in the film. Cue sheets may be necessary for distribution. Please see the Head of Production Services for more Cue sheet information.
    • Ownership agreements, if applicable.
Table of Contents