Production/Installation Spaces

Productions and installations with sets and large props will generally be in A404 Black & White Studio, C113 Installation Space, C115 Video Studio, and BB3 Sound Stage. Other rooms such as E61 Classroom, E65 Classroom, and E59 Classroom can be reserved for student use outside of scheduled class times for rehearsals, casting calls, or for film shooting.

Assembly of sets and flats require the approval of a Technical Specialist. All sets, props, and equipment must be brought in and removed within the span of the reservation. Building of sets inside the Production and Installation spaces requires permission from a Technical Specialist.


Early reservations for production, installation, and classroom spaces are open the week before each semester begins for thesis projects and BFA final projects. You must complete an FV Production/Installation Reservation form. Submitting this form does not mean your reservation has been completed. You will receive an e-mail setting up an appointment with a Technical Specialist to finalize your reservation. Once the semester begins, space reservations are open to all students.

A one-time $60 deposit is required to reserve the production and installation spaces. Deposits will be returned after graduation or during a leave of absence.

Reservations can be made for up to one week and priority is given to graduating MFAs in the School of Film/Video. Reservations can be a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 7 days. You cannot enter the space until your reservation start time, and you must return the room key to Facilities Management or Campus Safety by the end time of your reservation.

The inclusion of the following will require a discussion with a Technical Specialist and/or the Head of Production Services before a reservation will be confirmed:

  • Minors (anyone under the age of 18)
  • Animals
  • Incendiary devices of any kind, including cigarettes, candles, lighters, vapes, fog machines
  • Water, liquids (rain, foam, etc.) because of electrocution danger
  • Dirt and sand
  • Prop weapons: guns, knives, swords, axes, etc.
  • Stunts: trip, falls, fights, broken glass, etc.
  • Special effects makeup or prosthetics


If you need to cancel your reservation, notify the Technical Specialist at at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled reservation.


You are responsible for returning everything to its proper location (even if it is first found incorrectly placed). The space must be ready for use by another crew or class by the end time of your reservation. Floors must be swept clean and trash removed.

Do not use glitter in any of the production spaces. This includes props, costumes, and makeup that contains glitter.

Do not leave valuables and equipment unattended in the rooms. You are responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of checked-out equipment that may occur in the production and installation spaces. You must be present at all times when there are other crew members in the reserved space.

For every CalArts publicly open event, it is mandatory to fill out an Event and Performance Checklist. For any event that includes food and drink, a Reception Scheduling Request must also be completed. These forms are also available from the mailroom.

Production spaces are not storage spaces. Please make appropriate arrangements with the FV Equipment Cage to store checked out equipment.

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