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BB4 Stop Motion Cubes

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This stop motion studio contains motion control camera rigs and shooting space. Cubicle space is for animation students doing armature, puppet, and claymation work.

At the beginning of each semester, a meeting is held for all students planning on shooting in BB4 Stop Motion Animation Studio. Reservation requests are taken for that semester only. If the number of requests allows, students may shoot within these spaces for a total of a two-week period (14 days) per semester with an additional 3.5 days per semester allowed for reshoots. Students can only shoot in one space at a time. If there are conflicts with reservations, priority is allocated as follows: Classes, graduating MFA, graduating BFA, 2nd year MFA, 1st year MFA, 3rd year BFA, 2nd year BFA.

If you do not show up for the first day for your reserved time, it is counted as a “miss.” A “miss” is defined as not showing up or not notifying the BB4 Monitor by 10:30 am of your first day. In the event that you “miss,” anyone who is eligible (based on priority) may take over your reservation. If you repeatedly reserve time and “miss,” then you are no longer eligible. Using time in the shooting spaces based on your reserved time—or taking over due to another student’s “miss” time—counts as part of the total allowed shooting time per semester.

When using shooting space time reserved in your name, you must be present during the entire shoot.

Shooting space confirmations are made with: Pia Borg, Experimental Animation Faculty, and the BB4 Monitor.

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