A112e Sound Design Suite

This Mac Studio Workstation also employs Pro Tools Ultimate software and allows recording via 2 mic / line inputs. The Avid Dock and Avid S1 control surfaces allow for audio editing, routing, mixing, and real-time automation in Pro Tools. A Blu-ray player is installed as well to screen discs in surround sound. The space has a calibrated ITU 5.1 surround sound monitoring system for sound editing, design and mixing. A112E is not a 24-hour space; it is closed from 4:00 am – 7:00 am when there is no HVAC.


A112E Sound Design Suite access will be granted to students after they have completed the Post- Production Sound course. Reservations to work in the suite may be placed on the sign-up sheet across the hall from E104 Sound Transfer / Helpdesk on the FVSound bulletin board. Sign-up sheets go up on Mondays by 12:00pm (noon).

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