Water and Boats

Working on water or in a boat can be very dangerous. The following precautions should be taken:

  • If working on or near water, find out if any cast or crew member has a fear of working around water or cannot swim. If so, you may wish to make other arrangements.
  • All cast and crew members working on or near water should wear life vests or other water safety gear when appropriate.
  • When using watercraft, be aware of load and rider capacity limits. Only required personnel should be on watercraft; all others should remain on land.
  • Use safety lines, nets, watch safety personnel and/or divers when filming in rivers or other bodies of water where potentially hazardous conditions could exist (e.g., swift currents, thick underwater plant life, or rocks).
  • Know as much as you can about the body of water you are working on or in, including its natural hazards and animal life.
  • Do not use an electrical source other than DC in close proximity to water, including pools, ponds, rivers, lakes, swamps, bogs, and/or oceans.
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