School of Film/Video Policy for Non-Film/Video Student Access to Equipment

School of Film/Video equipment is solely for students currently enrolled in one of the four degree programs in the School: Character Animation, Experimental Animation, Film Directing or the Program in Film and Video.

Non-FV students who are currently taking a course in the School of Film/Video that requires equipment or facilities use may request access under the following conditions:

  • Access is limited to assignments for the Film/Video course. All access ends when the course ends. 
  • Access is only for equipment and facilities granted through this course, per Film/Video curriculum. 
  • Student must take the Film/Video Production Services Orientation 2023 course on Canvas. Please email to be added to the online course.
  • Student must meet with Justin Hogan, Head of Production Services, prior to accessing equipment to ensure they are aware of the Film/Video production guidelines. 
  • Requests for equipment require the student to file a FV Project Form

Access is not available to students in independent studies with Film/Video faculty.

Non-FV students collaborating with Film/Video students: Equipment access is limited to projects where the Film/Video student is the primary filmmaker, director, and/or cinematographer and is approved for equipment access. Such projects may only be shot on campus.

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