Experimental Animation A-Block: A115 and A116

A115 and A116 house the Experimental Animation program’s student studios and faculty offices. In A115 there are a mix of assigned and unassigned student desks, as well as four Mac Studio Cintiq Pen Display workstations, three downshooter stations, and a print/scan station. There are also three additional private downshooter rooms for more in-depth student productions. A115 also features a large common area for hosting program and student events and screenings.

A116 is the Thesis Studio room which is specifically for upper-year MFA and BFA students who are working on their graduation projects. 

The main hallway is open during regular business hours, but the studio spaces are only accessible to Experimental Animation students and faculty.

Check out the map below if you need help finding your way around A115 or A116:

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