Key Check Out

Keys must be checked out from the Facilities Management Office or Campus Safety. If the checkout key is available you may use that facility even if someone else has signed up for it. When the person who signed up for the facility arrives, you must vacate the facility within 15 minutes.

Checkout keys must be returned to Campus Safety so that you do not become financially liable for damage caused by someone else. There is a late fee of $25 per day. If you do not return a key, your access will be suspended. If you lose a key, you will be billed $100 to rekey the lock and replace the key.

Students can cause considerable problems by leaving campus without returning the key. This negligence prevents the next person from using the room at all, even if they have it reserved.

If you are using a room when the person with the reservation arrives, do not hand over the key. The condition of the room is the responsibility of the student who checked out the key. The possibility exists that another student may damage a facility and that you would be held liable for the damage; your key is your responsibility. If the room is damaged or messy upon your arrival, contact the area supervisor.

  • Always return the key to security as soon as you leave the room. Do not hand over the keys to the next person.
  • Never leave a room without closing the door and making sure it is locked.
  • If you have to leave a reserved room for a short time, leave a note on the door. Or give the key back to security and leave a note on the door that says when you’ll be back.
  • Don’t check out a key for another student or let another student into a room.

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