All Facilities, A-Z

A108 Animation Computer Lab
A109 Animation Computer Lab

A221 Character Animation
A111 Mix Theater
A112 Recording Studio
A112E Sound Design Suite
A404 Black & White Studio
BB3J Classroom
BB3M Sound Stage
BB4 Stop Motion Cubes
C105C Videographics
C113 Gallery
C115 Video Studio
C117 Permanent Set
Character Animation Cubicles
E19 Digital Optical Printer
E20 Darkroom
E21 Negative Cutting Room
E24 Optical Printer
E26 Flatbeds
E28 Steenbecks
E32 and E34 Stop Motion
E39 Film Scanning
E46 Student Technician Helpdesk
E58 Motion Capture and Classroom
E59 Classroom
E60 Computer Lab
E61 Classroom
E65 Classroom
E104 Transfer Room
E105 Computer Lab
Experimental Animation Cubicles
F101 Digital Oxberry and Film Recorder
F102 16mm Oxberry
F103 Computer Lab
F104 Post Sound Suite
F105 Animation Computer Lab
Film & Image Services
Personal Studio Spaces
Post-Production Suites
Print & Media Lab
Short Term Studios

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