Portable Animation Desks

For students needing a traditional animation disk with a pegbar and backlight, portable animation desks are available for check-out.

These sit on top of a flat desk or table (minimum of 24” deep), and include a dimmable LED backlight, plastic animation disk with pegbar, and a top that can be adjusted to several drawing angles.

These desks will also accommodate professional animation disks (such as this model) that fit a 16.5” diameter hole.

When folded closed, you can carry the desk by the round handle on the back near the top. A bungee cord is provided to keep the desk from unfolding as you carry it. 

The bungee will help hold the disk in place, but the disk can still fall out, so please be careful when moving the desk around.

The desk can be tilted to any of three angles, or used flat.

The round handle will sit into notches, holding it at each angle.

To use the backlight, unwrap the velcro from the power cord, and plug the power adapter into a power outlet. The dimmer switch is located underneath the desktop, near the upper-right edge.

Turn the dial up to turn on the light and increase the brightness; turn the dial down to dim the light or turn it off.

When returning the animation desk, please fold it flat, re-wrap the power cord with the attached velcro, and wrap the bungee cord around the desk and animation disk.

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