E32, E33, and E34 Stop Motion

There are three additional shooting spaces in the sublevel of the main building (E32, E33, and E34).

The Equipment Cage stocks these spaces with the following equipment: 

  • One (1) Came-TV Boltzen LED Lighting Kit
  • Two (2) 20″ C-Stands with Knuckles and Arms
  • Two (2) Sandbags
  • One (1) Power Strip
  • One (1) Yellow Stinger
  • One (2)  Net Single
  • Two (2) Small Flags

Additional equipment for these rooms, such as Dragonframe kits, must be checked out from the Equipment Cage. The only lights allowed in these rooms are LEDs (OSRAM LED kit is recommended).


Access is granted to students currently enrolled in a stop motion animation course. To reserve time in E33, please use the signup sheet posted on the door. To reserve time in E32 or E34, please send a reservation request to: fvanimation@calarts.edu

Please use the calendars below to check and see when E32 or E34 is available before emailing your reservation request.

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