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Pencil Test Stations

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Primarily intended for quick testing of hand-drawn animation, Character Animation’s pencil test stations utilize Mac Mini computers connected to Cintiq pen displays. For animation drawn on paper, TVPaint software can be used for capturing still images from standard-definition video downshooters (at six locations) or VueScan software can be used for scanning with large-format flatbed scanners (at two locations). The pencil test stations are connected to the School of Film/Video file servers, so students’ work can be saved and uploaded to each student’s folder, or uploaded to Faculty folders for submitting homework.

USB hard drives and flash drives are also supported (USB 3.0 is highly recommended). While a backlight is available on the downshooters, TVPaint allows multiple layers to be shot, composited and edited independently, and offers flexibility in manipulating timing. All production applications used in the Computer Labs are available on these systems as well. Pencil test stations are located throughout the cubicles in A221 at six locations and in the Character Animation Lodge at two locations.


All are available on a first-come basis, but students must use their FV Credentials to login and use them.

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