Recording in F104

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This guide goes over how to use all of the equipment as well as record using the recording booth. To record, you’ll need to bring in your own microphone, mic clip, and at least one pair of headphones.


  1. Flip on the Main Power switch.
  2. Power on the Mac Pro.
  3. Set the Denon Receiver to the source you want to use. The bottom 1-4 buttons are labeled.

Don’t turn the “Master Volume” knob on the receiver. It should be set to 0db.

The Denon Receiver is for setting which HDMI source to view on the Sharp TV. The StudioComm is for switching between audio sources to hear out of the speakers.

Controlling Audio (StudioComm)

This is the Monitor Controller. It controls what audio sources are active, which speakers they are active on, and the audio level.

Recording Booth Setup

  1. To set up: screw your mic clip onto the mic stand, insert your mic, and connect it to the XLR cable hanging from the mic stand.
  1. This headphone amp attached to the mic stand lets the person in the booth control their own listening levels.
  2. Headphones plug into the bottom left.
  3. The Mic Level knob adjusts the mic level in the headphones (this doesn’t affect the actual recording level).
  4. The Monitor Level knob adjusts the level of any audio being sent from Pro Tools (see Pro Tools section for instructions on sends).

Face the corner of the booth, not the window, when speaking into the mic for the best sound.

When not in use, keep the booth’s door open, otherwise it gets smelly in there!

MOTU 828x (Audio Interface/Preamp)

The 48v button should be on if your mic needs phantom power (for example if it’s a condenser mic).

Setting Up Pro Tools for Recording

  1. Use these settings when creating your Pro Tools session:
    • File Type: BWF (.WAV)
    • Bit Depth: 24 Bit (film standard)
    • Sample Rate: 48 kHz (film standard)
    • I/O Settings: FV [F104]
  1. Select Track > New [⌘+Shift+N] to create a new track with the default settings (Mono Audio Track).
  2. In the track’s I/O settings, set:
    • Input to Analog 1
    • Output to Surround Monitors.C
  1. To send a track’s audio to the booth’s headphones, create a Send to Headphone Amp (Stereo) on the track. 
    • fader will pop up for that individual send.
    • Activate the PRE button to allow the booth to control their monitoring level separately.
  1. Click the Record Enable and Input Monitoring buttons to hear the mic’s input.
  1. Adjust the mic gain using the knob on the MOTU. For a healthy record level, the peaks should fairly often jump into the amber area of the meter.
  1. To begin recording, press on the numpad.

If you are having problems with audio not coming through:
Check that the Playback Engine is set to MOTU 828x. [Setup > Playback Engine]
On the StudioComm (monitor controller), set the input source to Pro Tools.

AVID Artist Mix

  1. To use the Avid mixer, you have to power it on before turning on computer.
  2. The EuControl will autolaunch upon login. It takes a bit to load up, but you can launch Pro Tools in the meantime.

Playing Blu-rays (Oppo)

  1. Turn on the Blu-ray player.
  2. Set the Denon Receiver to Blu-ray (1).
  3. The Oppo has the ability to switch Blu-ray or DVD regions. Follow the instructions on the sticker. Be sure to return it to the default settings when finished
  4. On the StudioComm, set the source to HDMI.

The Blu-ray player supports Blu-rays, DVD’s, and CD’s.


  1. Shut down the Mac.
  2. Flip off the Main Power switch once the Mac is completely shut down.
  3. Turn off the Sharp TV.
  4. Turn off the lights.
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