Using Andor 1 Video Wall

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You can play a single video and spread it across multiple screens without having to segment the video in your editing software.

  1. Put the same video file in each USB drive
  2. Plug in, power up, and sync all your Andor 1 media players
  3. Open the Menu and go to Advanced Options > Video Wall Setup.
  4. Enable the Video Wall Mode.
  5. On each screen, you can adjust Grid Width and Grid Height to make your grid system
  6. Assign position of individual screen by adjusting its column and row number

Synced monitors can be assigned to different grid systems. Any monitors that don’t have Video Wall Mode enabled will play the full image of the video

Here is an example of the set up for a 4 screen video wall where each screen displays 1/4 of the whole image:

And this is what it looks like:

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