Bijou Festival 2024 Submission Instructions

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Please read through this entire article carefully before submitting your film.

Final Deadline:  Monday, April 29, 2024 at 8:00AM

If work is submitted after the deadline, there is no guarantee that it will be screened. Students are strongly encouraged to submit their materials as far in advance as possible. If you expect to not be able to meet the deadline for any reason you must Submit a 2pop Ticket or email BEFORE the final deadline.

To screen your work at the Bijou Festival 2024, you need to do 2 things:

1. Complete a submission form AFTER you’re done reading this entire document

2. Submit your film by doing ONE of the following:

a. Upload your QuickTime Movie (.mov) file with the correct format (outlined below) by opening the Submit to BijouFest application (located in any FV computer hotbar, and in FVCentral > Submissions > Bijou > Submit to BijouFest)


b. Deliver your QuickTime Movie (.mov) file with the correct format (outlined below) to the faculty member coordinating your Class Screening / Curated Screening (Only some faculty will collect files for their class screening, please ask the faculty coordinating Class/Curated Screenings how they would like you to deliver files)


c. Deliver a 16mm film print to the School of Film/Video office. 


-If you’re submitting as part of a class screening, you SHOULD still fill out a submission form.

-If you are submitting a 16mm print, you should NOT submit a digitized version.

-If you had a mix and layback done by FVSound, you DO NOT need to submit your own file, but you DO still need to fill out the submission form.

Delivering A QuickTime (ProRes 422 HQ) File

  1. Standard leader, 2 pop, and tail pop should be removed.
  2. Your film should begin AND end with 2 seconds of black.
  3. Be sure to export your film with the correct specifications (Exporting from Premiere Pro)(Exporting from After Effects)

4. Re-name your QuickTime file using the standard naming convention, plus this additional information:


Example 1 – 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick, released April 2nd 1968


Example 2 – Everything Everywhere All At Once, by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert



-If your film had multiple directors, format the name LastFLastF! (see Ex. 2)

-If your film is in 5.1, leave out the period from your file name (see Ex. 1)

-If your name or your film’s title have punctuation, apostrophes, parentheses, or other non-alphanumeric symbols, DO NOT include them in the file name.(see Ex. 1)

-Remove spaces from your film’s title, capitalize the beginning of each word! (see Ex. 1 & 2)

-You may abbreviate or truncate excessively long titles (see Ex. 2)

If you had an FVSound Sound Mix and Layback, a QuickTime file has already been created for you with the correct specifications and name. When you pick up your layback, ask the FVSound technician to submit to Bijou for you, then note this on your submission form. If, however, you plan on making any changes to your film after your layback, you will need to submit your film yourself.

5. Double-Check your film’s codec, frame rate, resolution, and audio

  • Open your file in Quicktime Player
  • Press ⌘I, or Navigate to Window > Show Movie Inspector
  • Check that the info matches your title, and aligns with the specs in step 3

If under Video Details there is a second resolution in parentheses next to 1920×1080–for example, 1920×1080 (1706×1080)–or you see a separate detail that says “Pixel Aspect: 1706×1920” (or similar), it means you’ve exported with non-square pixels. Please re-export so there is no accidental stretching/squashing.

If under Audio Details you see Channels: 1, your film’s audio is mono. Please re-export so the audio doesn’t just come from the left speaker in the Bijou.

6. Fill out the Bijou Festival 2024 Submission Form 

7. If your film is being screened as part of a Class Screening or Program Screening, check with the faculty member coordinating that screening to see if they would like to collect your files themself. If you are a part of an Open Screening or your faculty would like you to submit directly to Bijou Festival, follow the instructions below:

With your School of Film/Video account, log in to any School of Film/Video computer. Double-click on the application titled Submit to BijouFest

This application is located in the computer’s hotbar, or can be found by opening a new Finder window, clicking on FVCentral in the sidebar, and then navigating to FVCentral > Submissions > Bijou

An application will open asking you to select a file. Navigate to where you have your film stored, select it, then press “Choose.”

This application will run to check whether your file meets the submission specifications, and whether you have submitted a Submission Form for your film. This application will require you to give it permission to do certain things on your computer, including moving files and running Finder. It will also prompt you for certain information, like your CalArts email address, and which day your film is screening.

Follow along with the instructions in the application, and please read any notification pop-ups that appear in their entirety.

When you see the green check mark, you’re done!

Delivering Your 16mm Film Print

  1. Film reels must be heads out with at least 10’ head and tail leader.
  2. Any splices should be double-spliced and have clean perforations.
  3. Fill out the Bijou Festival 2024 Submission Form:

Click HERE to open the form

  1. Bring your 16mm film print to the School of Film/Video office.

Getting Help

If you need help with any part of the submission process, stop by FVSound or DEP Help Desk:

  • FVSound Help Desk (E104): Mon – Fri, 9AM-4PM
  • DEP Help Desk (E46): Mon – Fri,  4PM-8PM

If you have any technical questions, please Submit A 2 Pop Ticket or email

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