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Submitting your film

Submission instructions have been updated for this year. Please read everything carefully.

We will begin accepting films on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Important change for 2024: Due to bandwidth and quota restrictions on Google Drive, we will not be using Google Drive for submissions this year. Instead, we will be using FVCentral for submissions. Please read the details below.

  1. You must fill out an Online Film Submission Form to be able to submit a film. You must complete and submit this form before your film can be submitted, and before any further steps are taken.
    We strongly recommend filling the submission form out early. There will be a delay of approximately 1-2 days between filling out this form and when we set up your dedicated submission folder on FVCentral, which could delay you from submitting your film on time.
  2. Please make sure you follow all of the instructions carefully. Check to be sure your film meets the technical requirements and plays properly from beginning to end before submitting it. There are several handouts available (see Technical Guides in the menu), including how to export your film from Premiere with the correct settings.
  3. You will also need to export a still image from your film to include when uploading your film. The resolution should be 1920×1080. Please be sure the image is recognizable at a small, thumbnail size. It should be a clear, representative still from your film. A close-up of a main character works well. It should not contain text or titles.
  4. After we receive your Submission Form, we will create a dedicated submission folder for your film on FVCentral and will email you when it is ready. Your film and a still image from it must be submitted to the folder that we specify in the email. If they are submitted anywhere else, we will not be able to locate them and your film will not be added to the show.
  5. Before uploading, name each film and still image with your name, a dash, then your film title.
    Chuck Jones – Duck
    Chuck Jones – Duck Amuck.png
  6. If you are submitting more than one film, you must submit additional forms for each film. Each film will be given a unique submission folder.
  • Please plan ahead so that you have finished uploading your film before the deadline. You must login to an on-campus computer that has access to FVCentral in order to submit your film (any lab computers, or those in A221, A321 or A421). We recommend planning to submit your film at least 24 hours before the deadline, and uploading during off-peak hours.
  • Once your film is submitted, it is considered “final”. You are not allowed to update or replace your film unless we specifically request it for technical reasons.
  • When we have received your film, we will append your submission folder’s name with a number. This is so you’ll know we have your film. Do not change this number – we use it to track films during editing.
  • Be sure to keep backups of your final films – we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with a copy of your submitted films.
  • Films submitted for the Open Show that meet time limits and eligibility requirements will also be considered for the Producers’ Show. Films are juried by the faculty for inclusion in the Producers’ Show. Check back later for additional information.
  • If you need additional help, please submit a ticket on with the subject line “Character Animation Film Submission Help”.


4:00 PM (Pacific Time), Friday, April 12, 2024

There are no extensions to the film deadline. Take a look at this 2 Pop article for more information on time limits and eligibility.

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