2024 Producers’ Show Film List

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The following films are selected to participate in the 2024 Producers’ Show.

Films are listed alphabetically by last name. This is not the screening order.

All films are required to have a sound mix. Daniel Eaton will contact you to schedule one. When the Peers’ Pick winner is chosen, that student will also be required to have a sound mix, and will also be contacted by Daniel.

For important instructions regarding Producers’ Show films, please see the Producers’ Show Participant Instructions page.

Please check spelling, punctuation and capitalization of names and titles, and e-mail any changes to Maija at mburnett@calarts.edu, and Nathan at animtech@calarts.edu.

First NameLast NameFilm Title
IzabellaAnguiano-JacobsHymns of a tiny world – The birds of New Zealand
VictoriaBasadreWhat Happens Now?
JudahEsquivelLab Sandwich
JanelleFengLa mort de Robespierre
Su MinHaTestimony
AmyHewettHow to Find Love in an Unbecoming Age
ToriannaJacqueIn Between
Si YiLeeChasing Time
GeorgeParkA Piece of Mine
JaimiQiuMan’s Best Friend
OfreSparrow VakninGirls In Real Life Situations
XaiYajGoodbye Nimbus
HuayiYuCold Soda
JulieZhengPlay With me
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