Approaching the Near Distance: Community, Resistance & Making

School of Film/Video Wintersession Virtual Conference January 11-22, 2021 Panel Discussion: Animation as Queer Practice Tuesday January 12, 12:30pm (Pacific Time) Join via Zoom with Lily Husbands (Lecturer in Animation & Visual Culture, Middlesex University, UK), Steve Reinke (Associate Professor of Art, Theory & Practice, Northwestern University), Jordan Wong (Special Faculty, CalArts), and Lorelei Pepi […]

Remote Learning Resources

Here are useful links to remote learning resources available from the School of Film/Video: Minimum Technical Specifications for Personal Computers Software for Personally Owned Computers Computing Kit Quick Start Guide Computing Kit – iPad Quick Start Guide Using an iPad with Apple Sidecar FV COVID-19 Film Production Guidelines (v2) 2 Pop Forum 2 Pop Ticket

Announcing the 2 Pop Forum!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 2 Pop Forum. The forum is a place for peer-to-peer support and is open to all CalArts students, faculty, and staff. Users can post questions about software applications, cameras, production sound, and much more. Users can also answer questions on the forum. To create an account […]