Sign Up Sheets

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  • Make sure there is no back to top icon in the bottom right hand corner. If there is, scroll to the top of the page; that should make it disappear.
  • To print
    • Change Paper size to Letter
    • Uncheck Headers & Footers
    • Check Background graphics
    • Choose custom margins
      • top = .13”
      • left, right, and bottom = 0.25”
    • Under Pages, select Custom and enter 1 (we only want to print the first page)
    • Click Print

A112e Sign-up

F104 Sign-up

A115i Sign-up

A115h Sign-up

A115d Sign-up (Print 3 copies of this and number them 1, 2, and 3)

C105c Sign-up

F101 Sign-up

F102 Sign-up

E52 Sign-up

E55 Sign-up

E53 Sign-up

E51 Sign-up

E49 Sign up

E47 Sign-up

E41 Sign-up

E38 Sign-up

E28 Sign-up

E26 Sign-up

E24 Sign-up

E21 Sign-up

E20 Sign-up

E19 Sign-up

Table of Contents