Winter Break Equipment Checkout

Hello filmmakers,

On Friday, November 15th, The Cage will begin accepting requests for Winter Break. Reservations will be made based on seniority, starting with MFA-3s and BFA-4s, then MFA-2s and BFA-3s, followed by MFA-1s and BFA-1s and 2s. It will be first-come-first-served within those tiers and you must come to The Cage in person. You will need to fill out the paper request form prior to your arrival on Friday November 15th. The form will also be available at The Cage beginning this Wednesday, November 13th. You will be expected to include your name, year level, dates of pick up and return and to answer specific questions about your shoot. It is advisable to mark your first, second and third choices for certain popular items like cameras, lenses and recorders. Do not request items that you don’t have access to.

The official day for equipment check out is Friday, December 13th. All equipment must be returned no later than Thursday, January 9th (no exceptions), but can be returned starting on January 2nd.

Winter Session reservations can be made no earlier than Friday, Dec 13th. 

Winter Session checkouts will begin on Monday, Jan 13th, with everything returning no later than Thursday, Jan 23rd.

Please think very carefully about your shooting plans over the break. You will be limited to one camera, one sound recorder and a maximum of three lenses. Other limitations may be necessary for us to accommodate as many students as possible. Much equipment reserved for Winter Break returns without ever being used. Save yourself the stress and trouble and make a real plan about whether you’re going to shoot or not. Be realistic about what you can accomplish without a big crew,  while traveling, etc. Also be mindful that the more equipment you take out for an extended period of time, the easier it is to lose track of it. You are completely responsible for everything you have out for the duration. If you are traveling out of the country, you must talk to Justin Hogan about buying the necessary insurance. 

Feel free to come and talk to us about your projects if you need any help.

Thank you,
The Cage