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Using RealVNC Viewer to Remotely Connect to CalArts Computers

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Using an application called VNC Viewer, made by, you can remotely connect to and control the computers in the CalArts computer labs until June 22nd, 2020.

Request Remote Access

To get remote access to the school’s computers, please submit a ticket with the title “Remote Access Request”.

Joining & Downloading RealVNC

Once we process your ticket, you will receive an email inviting you to join our RealVNC team.

Open the email and click on the JOIN TEAM button in the email.

You’ll be taken to the sign up page. Fill it out. For “I plan to use VNC Connect for:” select business use. In the company name field enter CalArts. Click Sign up.

You will be taken to your profile page. Click the “Get VNC Viewer” button. You can also download VNC Viewer from

You will be taken to this website to download VNC Viewer. Click Download VNC Viewer.

Double-click on the VNC Viewer .dmg file that you downloaded.

A pop-up will tell you that VNC Viewer was downloaded from the internet and ask you if you want to open it. Click Open.

In the window that appears, drag the VNC Viewer icon to the Applications icon.

VNC Viewer will now be installed in your Applications folder.

Connecting Using RealVNC

Double-click on VNC Viewer. The VNC Viewer window will appear. Click Sign in.

Sign in with your RealVNC account credentials.

A window will appear informing you that an email has been sent to you to confirm your sign in.

Open the email you received.

In the email, click Continue Signing In.

You will be taken to your account to Authorize your sign-in. Click Authorize sign-in.

Now in the VNC Viewer application, you will see the team you are part of (CalArts FV) and the computers available for you to connect to. Double-click on the computer you want to connect to.

A pop-up window will ask you if you want to continue. Click Continue.

You will be asked to enter a password to connect to the remote computer. Enter the password supplied to you via email when you requested remote access from Click OK.

If you get an error message saying “VNC Server already in use” someone else is already remotely connected to that computer and you will need to try to connect to a different computer.

You will be taken to the computer’s login screen. You can now log in to the computer with your FV account credentials.

Once you are logged into the computer, you can use VNC Viewer to transfer files from the computer at school to your home computer.

Transferring files from school to home

To transfer files from a school computer to your home computer, click on the VNC Viewer icon in the menu bar on the computer you are remotely controlling and select File Transfer.

In the VNC Server – File Transfer window that opens, you can select where you want the files to be transferred to on your home computer. By default the files will be transferred to your Downloads folder, but you can change the location by clicking on Other… and selecting a location.

Then click Send Files.

Choose the files you want to send and click Open.

The files will now be transferred from the school computer to your home computer.

Transferring files from home to school

To transfer files from your home computer to the school computer, click on the File Transfer icon at the top of your VNC Viewer window.

Set the location where you’d like the files to get transferred to on the school computer.

Click Send files.

In the pop-up window that appears, select the files you’d like to transfer from your home computer to the school’s computer and click Open.

The files will be sent to your home computer.

How to log out and close your VNC Viewer connection

First, go to the Apple menu and select Log Out from the drop down.

At the login screen, click on the X in your VNC Viewer window.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to disconnect. Click Yes.

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