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Return Shipping Instructions – Cintiq

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It’s time to return the Wacom Cintiq sent to you by the School of Film/Video and we want to ensure that it arrives back at CalArts safely. A return label and some basic instructions are included in the packaging, but this article takes you step-by-step through the process of packing and shipping the Cintiq. To make packing easy, we have numbered the various pieces of bubble-wrap.

Once you’ve shipped your Cintiq, please email us at so we can track its progress back to CalArts.

Packing Your Cintiq

  1. Open the purple flap on the FedEx pouch and remove the old shipping label.
  1. Remove the return label from the envelope.
  1. Place the return label in the pouch, making sure all of the shipping information is visible. Seal the flap on the pouch closed.
  1. If there is no FedEx pouch, attach the label directly to the box by covering it with several strips of clear packing tape.
  1. Use the shorter Velcro strap to bundle the cables together. Loop the cables back and forth, in about 18” lengths, then wrap the Velcro strap around everything, including the power supply. The cables should have enough slack to be clear of the Cintiq.
  1. Set the Cintiq on a large, flat surface. Using the handles on the stand, lower the Cintiq so it lies as flat as possible. Wrap the longer Velcro strap around the Cintiq and stand, to help hold the stand on.
  1. When wrapping the Velcro around the Cintiq, be sure the soft side of the strap faces in, towards the display (the rough side faces out).
  1. Remove everything from the box. Place the large bubble wrap pad #1 in the bottom of the box.
  1. Carefully set the Cintiq and stand in the box. Place bubble wrap roll #2 behind the top of the Cintiq, filling the gap between the Cintiq and stand.
  1. Lay the Cintiq and stand carefully down into the box, centering it, with the cable bundle above it. Even when lowered as much as possible, the Cintiq will still be at an angle.
  1. Place rolls #3 and #4 on each side of the Cintiq. They will be a tight fit. Place roll #5 above the Cintiq, and press it into place over the cable bundle.
  1. Take hold of the Cintiq and stand, and move them both upwards into roll #5, compressing it.
  1. Press roll #6 into place at the bottom of the Cintiq.
  1. Place pad #7 on top of the lower part of the Cintiq, filling the void there.
  1. Place the Cintiq pen in the Ziploc bag (or any small plastic bag if you don’t have the one it came in), and tape it to pad #7 so the pen sits just below it.
  1. Place pad #8 on top. Press it into place.
  1. Pull the side box flaps towards each other.
  1. Pull the top and bottom box flaps together. You may need someone to help you with this, to get the seam closed as much as possible.
  1. Attach one end of the packing tape to the far side of the box, about 6” from the top. Pull the tape up, over, and across the the top of the box, pressing the top closed as you go.
  1. Tape all the way across the box, closing it, and bring the tape over and down the side about 6” (or until you run into the shipping label).
  1. Tape lengthwise along the top seam, starting on one side of the box, running it all the way across, and down the other side.
  1. Be sure the seam is completely covered. Use multiple layers of tape if needed.
  1. Tape over the edge seams of the box as well. Check the entire box, and make sure all seams are fully taped.

Shipping Your Cintiq

Ship your package one of three ways: 

  • Use your regular scheduled pickup, if you have one. 
  • Drop off at FedEx. Find your closest location at
  • Schedule a pickup. No account number required but label information may be needed. Go to

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