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Render Wrangling with Qube! ArtistView

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“Render Wrangling” is a term used for managing jobs in a render queue to ensure that jobs get rendered efficiently. Studios often employee “render wranglers” who monitor the render farm, kill jobs that have stalled, and change the priority of jobs in the queue as needed.  You and your fellow students will be acting as the render wranglers of the CalArts render farm. It’s important that students work together to share the render farm and prioritize render jobs appropriately. If you job does not need to get rendered immediately, please set its Priority value to a low number so that urgent jobs can jump to the top of the queue. For render farm tech support, submit a ticket or send an email to

Launching Qube! ArtistView

  1. Qube! ArtistView is the software you will use to manage jobs that you have submitted to the render farm. To launch Qube! ArtistView go to Applications > pfx > qube and double click on qubeArtistView.
  1. In Qube! ArtistView you will see all the jobs that have been submitted to the render farm. Find your job and click on it. Click Refresh in the upper left corner to update that status of the render job.
  1. By default you will see all the jobs that have been submitted to the farm. You can filter jobs by their status. For example, if you don’t want to see jobs with a status of Complete, click on Complete at the top of the screen and they will not appear in the list of jobs.

Wrangling Jobs in the Queue

If you right-click on a job in the render queue, you will see a list of options. Those options are explained below.

  • Retry Job: Start this job over, using the same job ID. All frames will be re-rendered, regardless if whether or not they had previously completed.
  • Shove: This is a good way to start a job that is stuck in the “pending” state.
  • Retry Failed Frames: Re-render all frames marked as failed.
  • Resubmit: Submit a new job with the job properties of the existing job used as default.
  • Modify: Change modifiable job properties. Use this to change your job’s Priority value.
  • Interrupt: Stops the job immediately, and sets the status back to pending.
  • Block Job (+ Finish Current): Stops this job after the currently rendering frame(s) complete. The job will remain in a blocked state until it is manually unblocked.
  • Block Job (+ Purge): Stops this job immediately, and sets the job state to blocked. The job will not run again until it is manually unblocked.
  • Unblock: Remove the blocked state from the job. All frames that have not completed will go back to a pending state. Those that have completed or failed will remain completed or failed.
  • Kill: Stops this job immediately and sets that state to be killed. A job that is killed cannot be continued – it can only be retired, resubmitted, or removed.
  • Remove: Stops the job immediately (if running), and permanently removes the job from the qube database. This cannot be undone.

Troubleshooting Failing Jobs

If your job is failing to render on the render farm, you can check your job’s logs to see if you can find any errors. Click on your job in the render queue, then click on the tab labelled Stderr Log. Scroll through those logs and look for the word ERROR and details regarding the error.

The most common cause of jobs failing on the render farm is that files used by your scene file (such as textures) are non in your Renderfarm folder on the server. Any file that your scene file uses must be in the Renderfarm folder on the server.

If you need help using the render farm, please submit a ticket or email

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