Creating an iLok and Avid Master Account for Pro Tools or Media Composer

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Create an iLok Account (Pro Tools only)

This first step is for Pro Tools; if you are only using Media Composer, or if you already have an iLok account, skip to Create an Avid Master Account below. If you already have an Avid Master Account, skip to Getting an Avid Product Code below.

Pro Tools is licensed through iLok. To get started, go to and download the free iLok License Manager software.

Open and run the installer.

Once installed, launch the application and click the Sign-In in the top left corner of the interface.

Click Create New Account. It will take you to the Account Setup Page. Fill it out and be sure to use your email address. When done, click Create Account at the bottom of the page.

Now create an Avid Master Account following the steps below. You will link your iLok account after.

Create an Avid Master Account

If you already have an Avid Master Account, skip to Getting an Avid Product Code below.

This account will allow you to activate your Avid software purchases and access your downloads. If you already have an Avid Master Account, skip to the next step.

Go to

Under Create an Avid Master Account, fill in your information using your email address and selecting This is a personal account.

Click Create an account.

This will bring you to your Avid Master Account home page.

Linking your iLok and Avid Master Accounts (Pro Tools only)

Log into your Avid account and scroll down to the Linked iLok Account Section. Click Link this account.

Enter your iLok ID and click Use this account.

Enter your iLok password and click Authorize to confirm the account link. You’ll be taken back to your account homepage, which will now have a green banner confirming the linked User ID.

Getting an Avid Product Code

Submit a ticket to let us know that you created an Avid Master Account (and iLok account for Pro Tools). Include the email address you used to create your Avid Master account.

After you confirming your accounts, we will send you the license code and activation link in your ticket. The code you receive is unique and must not be shared.

Activating Your Code

Click on the activation link in the ticket response and you’ll be directed to log into your Avid Master account. You’ll then be taken to the “Redeem Your Code” page, where your activation code should already be entered in for you. If not, you can copy and paste your code here. Click Register Product.

If this is your first time using your Avid Master Account, it may ask you to Validate your Account. Fill out the fields and select This is a personal account. Click Validate.

If you have not already done so, you may be asked to validate your billing address.

You may also be asked to select an iLok account for your purchase.

You will be activating this license through iLok Cloud; more on that in the Pro Tools Installation article, found here.

In the section that reads “I already have an iLok account”, enter your iLok User ID and click Use this account. If you’ve already activated any software this way, your iLok User ID may already be filled in here.

Verifying Your Student Status

Finally, you’ll be taken to your Avid Account Product Page, showing the Pro Tools license in your account. However, you’ll still need to verify your Educational status through a service called Select and copy the new code provided in the space which is highlighted yellow in the screenshot below, then click the link to

Paste the new code into the Verification Code field and click continue.

Enter your birthdate, click Continue and then Confirm Age.

For User Type, select Student. Click Continue.

This is where it gets a bit complicated. The identit-e verification service is not able to verify your student status by your email alone. This is because CalArts student emails contain “alum” as part of the domain. To properly verify, you’ll need to upload proof of your student status in the next steps. Click Continue.

In the next page, enter your Name, School Information (as pictured below) and Address. Click Continue.

Next, enter the requested information in the About You page. For Major or Department, select Film/Animation/New Media. Select your Graduation Year. Regarding access to Avid products, you can answer yes. You can likely answer however you like to the “How did you hear about Avid?” question. In “Why…?” we suggest you enter the following:

“The CalArts School of Film/Video is providing me with a Pro Tools EDU Subscription for remote learning while the campus is closed to in-person access during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Leave the bottom two checkboxes checked. Click Verify Me!

This last section is where you’ll need to upload a document which proves your student status. See the Eligibility Guide for acceptable documents.

A screenshot of your course schedule in Self-Service should suffice as proof of your current enrollment status, be sure that it includes your name, CalArts’ name, and a valid date (“Fall 2020” should be fine). If for any reason they require further proof, reply again to your Pro Tools request ticket and we can provide you with a letter from the school to upload.

Take note of their document upload guidelines. Note also that your eligibility should take no more than 48 hours to evaluate.

Final Activation

You will receive confirmation of your eligibility via email with yet another code, as well as further instructions. Copy the provided download code then click on the link:

Paste the new code into the Redeem Your Code page and click Register Product. Yes, this is the second time you’ve done this… that is correct…

You will then be asked to enter your iLok account so that it can receive your Pro Tools subscription. Make sure your iLok User ID is entered in the section I already have an iLok account, then click Use this account. If you have not yet linked your iLok account to your Avid account, you may be asked to do so. Yes, this is the second time you’ve done this as well… that is correct…

Avid will take a few moments to process your information…

After loading, you will be taken back to your Product details page. As you can see, it still says “Pending Verification”. Click on Activate Subscription.

Next, to fully confirm your academic eligibility (again), Avid asks you for your name, status, and school. These details much match up with those you provided to

Fill in the school details as below. Click Submit.

Then… FINALLY … you will be taken back to your Products page to see your active Pro Tools subscription!

You will also receive a follow-up email from, confirming that your academic eligibility is fully approved.

Phew! Take a breath, drink some water. That was a lot.

You are now ready for Pro Tools installation and activation!

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