DragonFrame DMX Controlled Lighting Instructions for A115H

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Quick Start

DMX lights are color temperature 2900K.

  1. Turn on the physical switch on the Chauvet DMX Switch box. Turn off switch box when finished

For video tutorials, go to https://www.dragonframe.com/tutorials/ and watch the DMX videos.

  1. Start Dragonframe, if the DDMX-S2 Connected Successfully window appears, click Ok and skip to step 7.
  1. If there isn’t a successful connection, go to Scene > Connections…
  1. At the top of the Connections window, click Connect next to the DDMX-S2. Leave Connection required for shooting unchecked.
  1. If the DMX/IO Serial Port Window appears, click Okay.
  1. Exit the Connections window, or click Ok at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the triangle next to the Menu panel options in the upper right of the Dragonframe window. Select DMX.
  1. The DMX Control Window’s Programs Panel in the upper left has:
    • Bash Light Layer (i.e.: Working Lighting) sets work lighting for between takes while adjusting animation elements
    • Global Layer (i.e. Exposure Lighting) sets the lighting during the exposure
  1. Dragonframe uses a timeline with keyframes to dim and automate lighting. By default, the lights plugged into the Chauvet DMX-4 Switch box are labeled as follows:
    • Left is plugged into Channel 1, Right into Channel 2, and Base plugged into Channel 3.
    • To name a light layer: double click on the name Light under the channel column to rename lights to “Left”, “Right”, and “Base”.
    • To assign a color to each light layer, click on the the small box to the left of the channel name to select a color
  2. To set the Bash Light / Working Light, select Bash Light in the Programs Panel.
  1. By default the Bash Light is guided or parented by the Global Layer. Turn this off by clicking the Parenting icon. The Bash Light can now be set to work levels independent of the Global Layer settings.
  1. To adjust the work lighting, drag the sliding dimmer button or enter numerical values; 0 is off and 100 is the brightest.
  1. To adjust the exposure lighting, drag the sliding dimmer button or enter numerical values: 0 is off and 100 is the brightest.
  1. To set the Global Layer / Exposure Lighting, select Global in the Programs Panel.
  1. You’re ready to start shooting!

If you receive the following window, click Yes.

This locks the DMX lighting values into place and lets Dragonframe know you’re ready to shoot. If you’d like to adjust the lighting after you’ve already begun shooting, click the camera icon in the DMX Control window.

Advanced Options


To set up Badges or light control shortcut windows, click the Badge icon to the left of the Channel name on the DMX timeline panel.

Badges appear next to the camera view, left click and drag to reposition. Double click Badge name to open dimmer control.

Automate Lighting

To automate lighting frame by frame, set start and ending keyframes on the timeline by clicking the keyframe icon.

  • You can adjust keyframe smoothness and ease by selecting different bézier / slope types
  • You can left click and drag on lasso / select multiple keyframes at once, then click a different bézier / slope type as desired

Multiple Exposures

  1. To enable multiple lighting for multiple exposures, first create a second exposure pass in the Cinematography Panel.
  2. Open the DMX Control Window, under Global in the Programs panel, you’ll now notice X2. Select X2 to set lighting for second exposure.
  3. By default, X2 is guided or parented by X1 lighting settings. To make X2 independent of X1 lighting settings, click on the Parenting icon.

Remember to turn off Chauvet switch box when finished.


Camera is not visible or will not turn on: Flip the physical switch on the Canon 50D off and then on again. Still nothing? Follow the USB cord and verify it’s plugged into the Mac USB.

Lights will not turn on at all: Verify Chauvet DMX-4 Switch Box is on. Plug lights straight into power source to see if a bulb has blown.

Base Light will not turn on or dim: Make sure the physical white Base switch on the bench panel new the downshooter is switched on with the neighbor switch set to high.

Lights are randomly flashing erratically: The buttons under the black tape on the Chauvet Switch Box have been pushed. Push the buttons again until you return to A001 on the Chauvet LCD.

Dragonframe doesn’t recognize the DDMX-S2: Verify the DDMX-S2 unit is plugged into USB and the green light is on.

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