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Computing Kit Unpacking Instructions – Mac Pro

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You’ve received your Computing Kit! The following is a helpful guide on how best to unpack the Mac Pro, set up and plug in peripherals, and get it powered on. It will be important to save the packing materials so as to make returning the equipment easier.

When the equipment arrives, place the box on the floor, or a flat, stable surface. Orient the box so the word “Top” is on top.

Carefully cut through the tape on the top to open the box. Be careful not to cut through the cardboard since you will need to re-use the box to return the equipment.

Inside the box you will find an envelope with setup instructions and, if your Computing Kit was shipped to you, a return shipping label. Place this envelope somewhere safe – you will need it to set up your devices and return the equipment.

Also, keep the box and all packing materials. You will need those to repack the equipment. If your Computing Kit consists of only the Mac Pro, a roll of packing tape has been included for return shipping.

Lift the Mac Pro (with bubble wrap) carefully out of the box.

Set it on a table, and carefully unwrap the bubble wrap from it.

A power cord is included in the box. Plug it into the computer, and into a wall outlet (preferably into a surge protector).

Plug your keyboard and mouse into the USB ports (the four at the top), and your display (or Cintiq) into one of the MiniDisplay Ports (the six squarish ports) or the HDMI port (next to the power button).

When everything is connected, press the power button to turn the computer on.

Unpacking and setup instructions for Computing Kit Cintiqs can be found on 2 Pop here:

Unpacking and setup instructions for Computing Kit NEC Displays can be found here *Link to NEC Unpacking*

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