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COVID Safety Plan Topics

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The following is an example of COVID safety plan topics to be implemented into your plan. This plan should be shared with all cast, crew, and Production Services.

  • All cast and crew must be fully vaccinated.
  • You must have a no-contact thermometer for a temperature check when you arrive on set.
  • You must administer the School of Film/Videos questionnaire for to all cast and crew to fill out every day.
  • Mask on always.
    • Make sure your nose and mouth are covered at all times
    • If you touch the outside of your mask, sanitize/wash your hands
    • If you have to take off your mask for water or to eat, make sure you step at least 6 feet away from all people, and be sure to remove your mask completely
    • The only exception is eating, drinking or acting
  • Do not touch your eyes or mouth.
  • Avoid non-household contact except for essential services, before, during, and after production days.
  • PPE provided
    • Masks
    • Sanitation supplies (isopropyl alcohol spray, hand sanitizer)
  • Mitigating risk.
    • Wash hands frequently (20 seconds!! 2 Happy Birthdays… or the chorus of Dolly Parton’s Jolene)
    • Sanitize high-touch surfaces often
    • Maintain as much distance as possible between to cast/crew, and vice-versa
    • All equipment and surfaces must be sanitized at the beginning and end of the day
    • You are responsible for sanitizing your personal equipment and personal items
    • Cast must not touch any of the equipment
  • Food/Craft
    • Individually wrapped meals should be handed out to each crew/cast at mealtime
    • All food/drink should be single serve only, snacks should be individually packaged
    • Sanitizer should be readily available by craft. Make sure to sanitize/wash hands before and after every snack/drink/meal
    • Disposable plates, cups, and utensils must be provided
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