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COVID Production Procedures

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The following rules apply to on-campus and off-campus productions. Interior and exterior.

  • All students must create a COVID safety plan for their production. Example topics below.
  • All productions must fill out the Student Project Application and adhere to a minimum of two weeks advance notice for independent and large class productions. And one week for smaller class assignments.
  • Students may only work with vaccinated people on productions. This includes crew/cast/ volunteers/friends. The procedure for working with an unvaccinated CalArts student is below.
  • Students must copy/photograph any non-CalArts individual’s vaccination card as proof of vaccination. This must be in the student’s possession no more than 48 hours prior to the start of production and part of each student production’s COVID safety plan. Students will be asked to provide this to Production Services.
  • Students must administer the School of Film/Video COVID questionnaire and temperature check cast/crew each day of production.
  • If more than one person is working on a production, you must designate a crew member or individual who is responsible for implementing the COVID safety plan.
  • All members of a production must always wear a mask. This included interior and exterior locations. The only exception is while eating, drinking, or acting. Six feet of social distancing is always recommended.
  • Appropriate and adequate Personal Protected Equipment (masks, hand sanitizer) must be provided to any crew or cast who work on your production. You are responsible for this. Even if there are only two people. Disposable masks should be replaced each day and reusable masks should be cleaned each day.
  • In the interest of the health of yourself, your cast and crew, you must limit the duration of workdays and consecutive workdays. Workdays should not exceed 10 hours, with a minimum 12-hour turnaround from wrap to next call.
  • During COVID-19 conditions, productions are not allowed to include minors under 12 years old, crowds or SAG actors.
  • If you have an exemption from being vaccinated by CalArts, you must follow the procedure below for your student production or if you are working on a student production.
    • All students who are not vaccinated must wear a face mask at all times and only take it off for eating and drinking. No unvaccinated students are allowed to act without a face mask.
    • All students who are not vaccinated or have an unvaccinated cast/crew member, must work with Production Services on their COVID safety plan at least two weeks prior to production.
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