Consequences for Failure to Follow COVID-19 Production Guidlines

If you have not complied with the guidelines above, the consequences will be as follows below. The Dean will determine the exact course of action. In more serious cases, the Office of Student Experience will be notified, which could lead to a warning, probation, suspension, or dismissal from CalArts.

  1. Equipment reservation will be terminated and recalled to the Cage.
  2. Access to Cage equipment will be suspended for one month minimum, possibly longer if the violation is serious.
  3. You may also be subject to suspension of other School of Film/Video privileges, including studio reservations, lab access, and/or the FV Technology Access Program.
  4. Any footage produced during the commission of a violation of these policies may become ineligible for academic credit or Showcase consideration, as determined by the Dean and faculty members.

Thank you for being safe and thoughtful. Please contact Production Services with questions.

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