Character Animation Cubicles

Please note: The cubes will be temporarily closed due to current construction.

Character Animation has two designated cubicle areas throughout the institute. The first is located in the upper levels of A221, and the second is The Lodge, located just outside the 1st floor of the Main Building. Cubicle sign-up dates occur the first week of the fall semester and are designated per year level, on a first-come, first-served basis. Students will be notified when sign-ups will take place.

Cubicles and disks are optional; the department key is not. If you opt to sign up for a cubicle and disk, you will be making a total of 3 deposits in accounting. You need to pay these deposits before you come to sign up for your cubicle. You will bring your deposit receipts and your filled-out / signed Cubicle Agreement form with you, on your designated sign-up day. Disks will be distributed at this time. If you are a returning student, your deposits for cubicles and disks roll over.

Since cubicle selections are first-come, first-served, Character Animation will be handing out numbers in the Character Animation office between 8:00 am – 8:30 am on the morning of each designated sign-up date. Students will then return each day at 12:00 pm (noon), line up in numbered order (based on the number you received), and sign up for cubicles accordingly.

Department / Lodge Keys can be picked up at Facilities, located on the 1st floor of the Main Building (once deposits are made).

The Lodge

The Lodge is an outdoor extension of the Character Animation cubicle space. Each student has their own desk and chair. 25 spaces are single-occupancy cubicles, the remaining eight spaces are double-occupancy. Each cubicle has wired ethernet ports for personal computers as a supplement to the CalArts Wi-Fi network. There is also a campus phone available in case of an emergency.

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