Sound Mix and Post Production Questionnaire

Dear Graduating MFAs and Graduating BFAs: 

mandatory meeting for prospective 2020 graduating students who are planning to mix a film or video project and do post production this spring semester has been set for Wednesday, February 5 @ 12 NOON in A111 (The Mix Theater)

We need to know about the projects you plan on having mixed and what your post production needs are. You must fill out the attached questionnaire and bring it to the meeting. 

Even if you currently think you will not need to use the School’s sound facilities for a final mix or if you plan to output your work at another facility, it is still mandatory for you to attend and to complete the attached questionnaire. 

In addition to finding out about your projects, we will discuss the process used for scheduling mixes and what you need to do to be ready. 

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, February 5 @ 12 NOON.