Remote Desktop (Computer) Access

Hi All,

You can now gain remote desktop access to some of the computers in the computer labs at CalArts. You may be wondering what “remote desktop access” means. By using a remote desktop access software application on your computer at home, you can connect to and control a computer in one of the school’s computer labs. Once you’ve connected to the computer, you will be able to log in to the computer, control the mouse/keyboard, open applications, and connect to FVCentral. You can also transfer files between the remote computer and your home computer.

There will be some delay or lag in the connection, which could make it difficult to perform certain types of work on the computer you are remotely controlling. For example, the lag could make editing an image in Photoshop on the remote computer difficult. RealVNC does not support audio on MacOS, so editing audio remotely would be difficult. Additionally, the lag might make animating and editing in programs like After Effects and Premiere unworkable.

However, the connection will be fast enough for you to open a project file and render, transcode, or export using the powerful computers at the school. One workflow to consider would be for you to create projects on your home computer, transfer them to a school computer using RealVNC, and then render the project out on the school computer. Since the computer you will be remotely controlling will be at the school, it will have access to FVCentral and the render farm.

To request remote desktop access, please submit a support ticket from with the subject line “Remote Desktop Access Request”. We will respond to your support ticket with instructions.

-CalArts FVTech Staff