2023 Character Animation Vimeo channel + YouTube playlist

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To have your film(s) added to the 2023 Vimeo channel and/or YouTube playlist, please fill out the following request form:



  • Who uploads my film(s)?
    • You’ll upload your film(s) to your own Vimeo profile and/or YouTube channel
  • When should I make my film(s) public?
    • We recommend making your film(s) public right after the Open Show. But, the decision is yours.
    • Some film festivals require that films not be posted online, which might factor into your decision-making.
  • When will the Vimeo channel and YouTube playlist be made public?
    • They’ll be made public right after the Open Show.
  • Vimeo or YouTube?
    • It’s up to you – feel free to post to one, both, or none.
  • When can my film be added to the channel and/or playlist?
    • Your film can be added to the Vimeo channel and/or YouTube playlist anytime. The form linked above will close May 12, 2023, but you can email mburnett@calarts.edu to have your film added during the summer or anytime after.

Vimeo instructions:

  • Settings:
    • Log in, and click your film
    • Click the Privacy icon on the right side of the page (it looks like a lock)
    • Sharing:
      • Allow downloads should be off
      • People can add to showcases should be on
    • Your film link should be: Public
    • Allow your film to be embedded anywhere
    • To get the link to your film, click the blue link button on the top of the page, and click copy. Your link should look something like this: https://vimeo.com/123456789
  • Description box:

YouTube instructions:

  • Settings:
    • Click your icon on the top right
    • Select YouTube Studio
    • Select Content and navigate to your film
    • Select the pencil icon (“Details”)
    • Verify that the visibility is set to public
    • Under Audience, select No, it’s not made for kids.
  • Description box:

Thank you! Email if you have any questions: mburnett@calarts.edu

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